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Cloud Based data

Your data is always safe on cloud based lightning fast servers, you can login from anywhere, any device and access your data any time.

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Video chat with Doctor

Our state of the art video servers will contact you to your doctor on right time and there will be no lag, you can get treated same like checkup in clinic, get diagnosed peroperly and your prescription will be safe

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Online or Onlocation

You can schedule your appointment any time in near future online or on location, you can decide whether to pay doctor's fee online or in clinic, you have all payment gatways available for easy money transfer

Flexible & Customizable

Adjust schedule

Doctors can adjust their schedule for all of their locations, adjust their available timings, cancel non paid appointments or reschedule, adjust appointment duration or setup fee for different locations

Even more Feature Rich

iHealthCure is covering every field of medical including Diagnostics, Laboratories, Pharmacy, Medical Records, History of medicine and all doctors appointments.

Easiest Doctor Search

Searching an online doctor was never so easy, you can search doctors by speciality, location or online

Safe medical record

Your medical record is always safe even if you switch to another device, you get your data back

Labs & Diagnostics

Diagnostics and labs are connected with iHealthCure, all prescribed tests can be sheduled easily

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Attach Record

You can attach any of your medical record to current appointment for reference

Less waiting time

You will be connected in the shortest time possible, there will be no downtime of server

Multiple payment options

You can pay fee by any of local money transfer authority or by credit card

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